Overcoming alcohol misuse and addiction

Alcohol Misuse / Addiction

Do you drink to relax, reduce anxiety, reduce stress or go to sleep? Is it easier to cope with life when you have a few drinks? Have you continued to drink even though you knew it was causing you trouble in certain areas of life such as work, family and friends?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions you could have a problem with alcohol abuse. It usually begins as an innocent social activity, and then forms into a habit that gradually crosses over into a physiological and/or psychological addiction.

At therapy121 we can give you the guidance to handle difficult situations with the necessary tools. Our techniques and coping skills, can guide you to a more hopeful and rewarding life.

We can help you gain the insight into your problem and construct better ways to manage the emotions that trigger your drinking. If you feel that you need a drink in order to cope with life and stressful events, allow us to help you!

Our therapy121 alcohol addiction specialist has 25 years experience working with problem drinkers. With young people for five years as a Tier 3 alcohol addiction counsellor, working in an alcohol rehab in Norfolk and another in a Charter Clinic London, and has been a consultant alcohol therapist in Kelling Hospital Norfolk, and a number of Medical Centres. He is familiar with the 12th step program of AA and welcomes those are either concerned about their alcohol use, or who need further support after having been in rehab.

Our counselling for alcohol addiction therapist has supported hundreds of clients to reduce or eradicate their alcohol problem, and can help you too.

Please phone for a confidential and informal chat to discuss how we can work together to eliminate your cravings and support you rebuild a confident and healthy future.

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