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Entertainment Industry Therapy

If you are in the entertainment industry, you may be able to relate to feelings of being overworked, pressured to perform or produce on cue. As normal daily life stressors and pressures can be overwhelming, individuals in the entertainment industry are faced with balancing their personal life along with the entertainment demands.

It is important to understand and recognize your personal needs during the insanities of this profession. As pressures, demands and responsibilities increase, the importance of balance and control is critical. With A-list entertainers there can also be the constant intrusion of the media, and to find something of a personal nature in the press the next day; often exaggerated and untrue. This personal violation can undermine self-confidence and be another highly personal stressor.

Success will occur, however it can be at the expense of your health and well-being. The key to success and happiness is to balance your needs and priorities in life.

Our senior therapist has had personal experience of being in the entertainment industry, as a scholarship student at an academy of theatre arts, several years as a performer in TV, Cinema and Theatre, and then as personal assistant to a well known Music & Theatre Impresario - as such the therapist has working knowledge of both the highs and lows of this profession.

Of our treatment skills, EMDR has been shown to be very effective in reducing performance anxiety, fear of failure, addiction, and helping to change negative thoughts and perceptions.

Should you be a celebrity or performer and suffering from any emotional or relationship problem, which is negatively affecting you personal or professional life, we offer a private and confidential space in Harley Street, London with a highly experienced and empathic counsellor who will work with you in a totally confidential and bespoke approach, to helping you work through these issues, and take back control of your career and personal life.

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