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Do you remember your teenage years? It is a confusing time, yet a time of character development and a time when the building blocks of who you are, is formed. The vast intensity of peer pressure can get us to do things we may not be comfortable with. In addition, the social circles that label us as teens, tend to play a major role in our development, and especially with our self-esteem. The cruelty by our peers can often be very painful and lead to extreme vulnerability and psychological issues.

Our therapy121 methods can help support and redirect you, as a teenager, or your teenage children with a successful mind set.

Being a teenager is tough these days. Being the parent of a teenager can be even more challenging. It is a well-known fact that teenagers feel as if they know it all! They don’t like to listen to their parents or family and rely on the advice of their peers. Most critically teens are exposed to an environment where drugs, violence, sex, money and peer pressure can affect their behaviours and perceptions in life.

Today’s teens are faced with much pressure and struggles, due to their need to excel academically and socially. As the pressures are heightened, teens can cope through self-defeating behaviours. Their behaviour can get to be out of control! That’s where we can come in. We have the experience, training and passion to work with resistant teens.....especially the ones that don’t want to be in therapy.

Our ‘teenage’ therapist has been a senior counsellor at one of the UK’s largest young peoples agencies for eight years. He considers it a privilege working with this age group, and in supporting them, to create the character and personal resources needed to have a positive, happy and meaningful adult life in the future.

Should your teenage or adolescent family member need the help of a highly experienced counsellor please call me for further details.

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