Trauma / EMDR Counselling in Harley Street and Norwich

Trauma / EMDR Counselling

Have you recently experienced a traumatic event? Have you had a road traffic accident? Are you a member of the forces still haunted by intrusive painful images from combat? Are you having trouble getting back to your normal daily life activities? Do you find yourself having flashbacks or re-experiencing the trauma? Do you feel that life is simply not the same since the traumatic event? If so, you may be experiencing PTSD .

The traumatic event that leads to post traumatic stress disorder is usually viewed as life threatening, overwhelming or frightening. As your sense of safety and trust is shattered, it’s normal to feel out of control, disconnected, or numb. The only difference between people who go on to develop PTSD and those that don’t is how they deal with the trauma. The symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder can arise suddenly, gradually, or come and go over time. At times symptoms appear seemingly out of the blue. At other times, they are triggered by something that reminds you of the original traumatic event, such as a noise, an image, certain words, or a smell. We know it can be life altering and extremely difficult.

At therapy121 we can help you through this intense process with the guidance and support of an experienced therapist trained in the latest proven techniques to reduce or eliminate PTSD symptoms.

Our methods will help get you on the path to a healthy way of living without the anxiety and fear caused by PTSD. Our coping skills and support can help improve your overall quality of life.

Our trauma specialist uses Trauma focussed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (TF) CBT skills and has completed the EMDR (Europe) approved training in EMDR & recent traumatic episode protocol, R (TEP). He has highly successful results in as little as 3 sessions, longer trauma going back to childhood can take longer to process.

Should you wish to discuss how EMDR can help you get back control of your life, please phone for information, or book an initial session.

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